Stori Ibambe

What is Stori Ibambe

Stori Ibambe or Storo Bonus as is popularly called is a Safaricom  proposition that rewards  all pre-paid customers for their loyalty. The proposition is based on a bonus that all pre-paid customers can get if they hit a set ‘daily target’. The target is based on average amount customers spend on the network in the following areas, calling, texting or the purchase of bundles.

  • Currently the customers get 100% bonus once they hit their targets however this has since changed with an offer of 200%, meaning customers get two times the bonus, from the 14thof February 2020 to the 13th of May 2020.

What is new this time?

  • The new campaign dubbed Storo Kibao na 200% storo bonus is a bit different from the previous versions of the proposition in the following ways:-Storo Bonus is now 200% from 100%
  1. The purchase of the 50% Extra Airtime now qualifies you to achieve Storo Bonus meaning that you can get the 50% Extra Airtime bonus and the 200% Storo Bonus if you hit your target from purchasing a calling bundle 

How to use your 50% Extra Airtime bonus to hit your Storo Bonus target?

  • For example if you have a target of Kshs 10  you can text, buy a data bundle or buy a calling bundle to hit your target. If you decide to purchase a Kshs 10 bundle through *544*2*10# you will get the Kshs 10 bundle plus Kshs 5 accounting for the 50% bonus. Since you will have hit your target from this purchase you will get a further Kshs 20 bob as the Storo bonus meaning that you can call for so much longer
  • As usual the Storo bonus airtime can be used to make calls to all local networks in Kenya.
  • Safaricom therefore is the only company that is willing to give you a bonus on another bonus.

Customers can check their Stori ibambe bonuses by dialing *460#

Terms & conditions for the Stori Ibambe

Our terms of use are a reflection of our new promise of being simple, honest and transparent. They govern your use of Safaricom products ensuring that you get the best and the most out of our offering. Our Terms and Conditions also provide more information about our products and constitute an agreement between you and Safaricom PLC.

Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers still have a target daily which they can check by dialing *460#. The difference is that the customers will now enjoy double the target amount, (200%).

No Expiry purchases for Calls & SMS via *544# will also accumulate towards daily achievement of target before awarding of 200% SI bonus.

This Promotion is open to all Pre Paid customers./p>

The promotion will run for 90 days starting 14th Feb 2020 to 13th May 2020

  • Customers will have a daily usage target that they can achieve by calling, texting, browsing out of bundle or purchasing a bundle,
    No expiry-Calls & SMS and Data purchases other VAS charges eg. Skiza, 411 etc ( NB: Tunukiwa purchases does not apply).
  • Customers will then receive 200% bonus airtime based on the amount they have used and target used.

The 200% bonus airtime will have a midnight validity period.

Balance enquiry will be available via *460#

Bonus airtime usage will not earn bonga points

The resources will not be transferrable.

Bonus airtime cannot be used to pay for an okoa loan.

The bonus airtime can only be used on both on-net and off-net calls, SMS & out of bundle browsing.

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