What is the Spark Venture Fund?

This is a fund that supports commercially viable start-ups which use mobile technology as an enabler at late seed to early growth stage. It is a venture capital fund that aims to support the successful development and growth of high potential mobile tech start-ups in Kenya through a combination of investment, business development support and technical assistance leveraging on Safaricom’s unique capabilities, assets and market positioning.

How will eligible start-ups be selected?

The start-ups will be identified and selected through a deal pipeline managed by the fund manager, a partner of Safaricom and upon completion of due diligence process be presented to the Investment Committee for funding consideration.

What are the objectives of the fund?

What are the requirement one needs to have to be considered for selection?

Desirable characteristics

What other benefits does partnering with Safaricom offer you?

In addition to the fund itself, partnering with Safaricom will also provide start-ups with a host of other resources such as;

What is the application process?

The Fund will be managed by TBL Invest, a Fund Manager based in Kenya, who will source deals, perform due diligence, recommend and manage the investments and provide Business development support to investees.

Contact the fund manager through spark@tblmirrorfund.com, Telephone Number: +254 (020) 2019374