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Find all answers to the most recurring questions that our prospective suppliers may have.

One can express interest to become a Safaricom supplier by registering with us and passing our prequalification process.

  1. Registration can be done through our Prospective Supplier Registration Portal available on our website:

  2. The registration will be reviewed and your company will be advised on the way forward

During registration you will be requested to provide your company’s registration and tax information, contact details, directorship, references, products and services and to attach your company profile and registration certificates, and to express interest in specific category(ies) of supply.

Feedback on the registration requests will usually be provided within 5 working days upon receipt of the registration request.

The submitted documents will be reviewed and the registration will either be approved or rejected.
If the Approved RFQ suppliers will receive supplier’s prequalification questionnaire which they will be required to respond to within the stipulated time.
Suppliers in below categories: sponsorship, statutory bodies and schools are registered for payment purposes and hence once their registration is approved they are not subject to prequalification.
The evaluation once completed, the outcome of either success or failure for prequalification is communicated to supplier, users and the category manager.

The prequalification covers the following areas: Financial Capacity, Health and Safety, Licensing; Partnerships and Accreditations, Insurance,
Management Policies, Business experience for the relevant supply category, Probity and Litigations, and any Conflicts of Interest.

The pre-qualification process takes 10 working days. This however varies depending on the quality of submission received from the supplier. Where information is missing or not adequately provided by the supplier, the period of pre-qualification may be extended to allow the supplier to submit or resubmit the relevant information before the pre-qualification is finalized.

Yes. Safaricom will evaluate your response and provide feedback through the contact particulars provided at the time of registration.

Yes. The manuals and guides are available in our company website:

The purpose of our supplier registration and prequalification process is to identify and evaluate potential suppliers who may subsequently be invited to tender for specific goods and services should a requirement arise in the specific category. There’s therefore no guarantee that a pre-qualified supplier will be invited for a tender within any specific time frame as a requirement may not necessarily arise in the category of pre-qualification during that time frame.

No. Our prequalification process is free, fair and transparent and a potential supplier does not need to know anyone in Safaricom to be prequalified. Safaricom maintains strict ethics guidelines which are to be adhered to by all partners and staff. The supplier code of conduct can be accessed through the following address:

You can get assistance on any aspect of the supplier registration and prequalification process through the below contacts: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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