Common scams


Extortion messages

These are fake messages from fraudsters that aim to defraud the customer with fake threats.


Curiosity text

The message is usually framed with click-bait like content pertaining one’s personal life. Fraudsters will often claim that they can offer up information if paid.


False emergencies

The message is usually framed with content that sells a fake emergency story. Often, the request will require you to respond immediately or urgently require you to send money to a certain number.


Fake job opportunities

Fraudsters send texts or make calls with fake job opportunities that require you to pay a fee.


Fake international payments

A fraudster sends a fake IMT message, for example, a fake western union receipt acknowledging receipt of money for clearance of containers or goods worth a lot of money. A customer is called to establish rapport and they are later conned to send money.

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For more fraud tips


USSD: *100*6*7# - Jichanue Fraud Tips

  • Safaricom staff WILL NEVER ask you for your PINs. Your PIN is your secret. PIN Yako Siri Yako.
  • NEVER give your SIM PIN, MPESA PIN, One Time PIN (OTP) or passwords to anyone via phone, email, SMS or in person.

There is no such thing as double registration. Don’t be conned or threatened by anyone instead report the number to 333.

Register your voice as your password. Never disclose your personal Information or PINS with anyone

  • Do not follow instructions from unknown callers or fall for too good to be true stories.
  • Always verify with your known contacts before sending money   

  • Do not share your personal details, call records and M-pesa details like balance with anyone who calls you.

  • Keep your personal information such ID number, date of birth, full names private.

Change your PIN immediately . Make sure your PIN is not easy to guess. Avoid using PINS such as year of birth.

Contact Safaricom as soon as you suspect your details or phone has been compromised.

Do not press any codes on your phone as directed by anyone allegedly from Safaricom. You could block your line or send money to a conman.

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