Fake/old M-PESA message

This is among one of the frequent scamming methods experienced by Safaricom users. A copy of M-PESA message received would look authentic, however, the message content is usually modified. Example ‘new M-PESA balance’ would be read as *LOCKED*. Avoid calling back the number of the sender or attempting to reverse the erroneously sent money, even upon their request. 

Note that a genuine M-PESA message is sent from MPESA and not a customer’s line.

Do not refund the money as directed, instead request the sender to forward the message to 456 or call Safaricom for assistance.

Upon receiving a fake message, forward via SMS to 333 for free to ensure the numbers are blocked and other customers may not be defrauded in the future.

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For more fraud tips

Website: https://www.safaricom.co.ke/personal/index.php/impersonation

USSD: *100*6*7# - Jichanue Fraud Tips

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