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Choosing Your Bundle

Enjoy a fast and reliable browsing experience through your choice of affordable data bundles that compliment your lifestyle.

Discover, explore and connect with our wide selection of Data bundles available for PrePay and PostPay subscribers, with each offering giving you the best connectivity options. Daily, weekly and monthly affordable Internet data plans are available. They also come with some extras like complimentary SMS. Browsing without purchasing a bundle will cost you slightly more.

There are several ways to top-up Internet bundles that includes, scratch cards, online purchases and through sharing with another Safaricom subscriber - Internet Sambaza.

The world is in your hands with the best and cheap data plans from Safaricom.

Terms and Conditions

Daily Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS Price (KSHs.)
7MB 7 SMS 5.00
15MB 15 SMS 10.00
35MB 35 SMS 20.00
60MB 60 SMS 30.00
150MB 150 SMS 50.00
1GB   99.00


Weekly Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS Price (KSHs.)
5MB   5.00
10MB   10.00
30MB   30.00
65MB   50.00
130MB   100.00


Monthly Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS Price (KSHs.)
350MB   250.00
1GB   500.00
3GB   1,000.00
5GB   1,499.00
7.5GB   2,000.00
12GB   3,000.00


90 Day Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS Price (KSHs.)
6GB   3,000.00
16GB   6,000.00
30GB   9,000.00