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Stori Ibambe


Stori Ibambe is one of the key reward platforms available to all Safaricom prepay customers. Stori Ibambe works by giving customers back all the airtime they spend calling texting and browsing as a bonus called Storo Bonus. The bonus is given once a customer hits an assigned target. These targets are assigned to customers based on how much they typically spend on the network ensuring that all customers are given fair targets based on their spending power.

For the next 3 months from August to October customers will receive 200% Storo Bonus meaning that they will get back twice as much airtime as they spend. For example, if a customer with an assigned target of Kshs 40 airtime spends that amount they will get back Kshs 80 airtime to continue calling, and texting till midnight the same day.

We are also happy to let our customers know that the Storo Bonus now comes with an added bonus for all those who love the internet. Each bonus awarded will be accompanied by 200MB free bundle that the customers can use to learn, stay entertained and enjoy all the content YouTube has to offer.

In order to enjoy the bonus to the maximum customers are encouraged to hit their targets early on in the day either by making their longest calls of buying bundles in the morning.

Story Ibambe aims to encourage the Safaricom users to keep connecting with their friends, colleagues and loved ones for longer worry free as well as a way to show Safaricom’s appreciation to them.

To check whether your assigned target, use the USSD code *460#.

You will then receive a reply which gives the option of checking

  • Your target

  • Your Storo Bonus Balance

  • Unsubscribing or subscribing to the service

  • Checking your daily spend or checking your Storo data bundle.