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MXit is your connection to a world of self expression. Our community of 20 million people use MXit daily to chat, share and connect, either privately or in chat zones. Friends exchange text messages, emoticons, photos, greeting cards and gifts.

You can download ringtones, skins, games – all the good stuff – in one place, instantly. 

It’s a comfortable and accessible way of communicating with friends, family and interest groups. This is also the best channel to play games, buy, sell and swop things, meet new people, enjoy and build your confidence in the mobile social space.

MXit is always there and our community is always active, so you never have to feel alone.

MXit is more than a mobile instant messenger; it's your connection to a world of self expression.


Fast and affordable

MXit is optimised and finely tuned to make it fast and data efficient, allowing you to chat cost effectively for longer. 

It's an instant messaging application which runs on your mobile and messages cost much less than SMS. 

Chat zones and community

Community is the backbone of MXit and each day we host thousands of lively, growing chat zones and engaging discussion forums. 

Go on MXit from your mobile phone

MXit is fully compatible with thousands of mobile phones, both old and new. Get it on your phone by going to m.mxit.com on your mobile phone's web browser and following the download link. 

Go on MXit from your PC

MXit gives you the tools to stay connected to the MXit community while on your PC. 

MXit EVO PC is a slick Windows application. EVO PC is your key to the full MXit experience – chat, services and games. 


MXit also provides a plugin for the Pidgin chat client, available for Windows and Linux users.

Get Pidgin Chat

Go on MXit from your Mac

MXit offers its Mac users a plugin for the Adium instant messenger.

Get MXit for the Web

MXit is now accessible on the Web through EVO Web chat. This product is designed to be a flexible and totally customisable widget for your site. Add it and make it work for you!  


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