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Baze offers customers unmatched entertainment with a special focus on compelling short form local content.

We are keen in acquiring the following local content from Content Providers;

  1. Entertainment: Comedy, Kids, Drama
  2. Lifestyle Culture: Travel, Food, Fashion, Fitness, DIYs
  3. News & Documentary
  4. Faith
  5. Sports

The scope for the video content service providers will be to:

  1. Source and aggregate local content
  2. Content evaluation and review
  3. Content ingestion: Uploading of content onto a platform
  4. Catalog, metadata and promotion materials preparation
  5. Marketing, Responsible for growing and marketing content specific to the provider 

Interested in becoming a video content service provider?

Submit 1 test file, business proposal and content catalogue via email to

Baze Creators Garage

Baze Creators Garage is a space for Content Creators to learn from each other, improve and grow their craft. To kick off our webinar series, Safaricom would like to work with select content creators in the digital short format space to support growth in value and quality of content produced.

Content Guidelines

We are seeking new and innovative content that can be understood by and appeals to a broad general audience.  We will not accept works containing profanity or content that violates our editorial policies.

Video content submitted should be

  • Original and Unique- All content included in your videos should be your own or used with permission. Safaricom respects copyrights and follows guidelines for handling disputed copyrighted material
  • Accountable & Contextual- Context for videos can be useful for viewers. Make sure your video content submission includes relevant descriptions, useful titles and basic information
  • High quality and consistent- Videos should be easy to understand, with clear audio and images that are in focus. The resolution must be at least.
  • Submit one full screener for review.


This Content Call Out will run for a period of 2 weeks from 8th March- 18th March.

Ensure that the information submitted is well captured on the form. Our team will review and revert within 3 working days. In case of any queries do not hesitate to reach us on email 

How to Submit

Click on the below button. We look forward to receiving your submissions.


Baze Terms and Conditions