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Baze offers customers unmatched entertainment with a special focus on compelling short form local content.

We are keen in acquiring the following local content from Content Providers;

  1. Entertainment: Comedy, Kids, Drama

  2. Lifestyle Culture: Travel, Food, Fashion, Fitness, DIYs

  3. News & Documentary

  4. Faith

  5. Sports

The scope for the video content service providers will be to:

  1. Source and aggregate local content

  2. Content evaluation and review

  3. Content ingestion: Uploading of content onto a platform

  4. Catalog, metadata and promotion materials preparation

  5. Marketing, Responsible for growing and marketing content specific to the provider 

Interested in becoming a video content service provider?

Submit 1 test file HERE and share your business proposal and content catalogue by sending an email to


  1. Video Application Form

  2. Certificate of incorporation

  3. Documents evidencing the company’s obligations to pay tax in its jurisdiction(duly signed if a local company or notarized by a notary public if a foreign company)

  4. Company CR12 -List of Directors) (3 months current on submission date, duly certified if a local company or notarized by a notary public if a foreign company)

  5. Copies of licenses in showing it rights to or has obtained the requisite licenses to the content including rights to distribute

  6. Copies of Content Service Provider License from CAK

  7. Content rating approval from Kenya Films Board

  8. Bank Account Details

NB: All copies must be duly certified by an Advocate of the High Court


Baze Terms and Conditions

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