Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre

About the Michael Joseph Centre

Michael Joseph Centre is an area at Safaricom House set aside specifically for events activities and exhibitions. Every now and then, an event has been hosted at Michael Joseph Centre – touching many lives. The Centre has hosted many events; from music concert, to plays, art exhibitions and business forums. The most recent events include: the Creative Business Forum which focused on enlightening entrepreneurs on how to do business, Kids in the Centre; a family event that aimed at helping kids showcase their talents and Bobea Art Exhibition where artists got a chance to showcase their works. The Centre comprises four functional areas

The CSR Space – The Spirit of Sharing

The Art Space – Events and Exhibitions

Technology Space – Evolution

The Telepresence Room


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Michael Joseph Centre Location and Hours

The Michael Joseph Centre is located on the ground floor of the HQ2 Safaricom Building which is off Waiyaki Way.

The Centre is easily accessible through its own separate entry to the left of the main reception. It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Centre is closed on all public holidays.


Can I Visit?

Yes you can. The Centre is open to all Safaricom staff, business clients and the general public. Admission is free; all you need is to make a booking.