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The following terms and conditions apply to Petro Oil Kenya Limited customers who make payments via LNM (Lipa na Mpesa)(“the Campaign”) and by participating in the Campaign, these Terms and Conditions will automatically apply to you (“the Customer”) and you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted them.

1. Definitions

  1. “Customer” means registered M-PESA User eligible to participate in the Campaign;

  2. “You” or “Your” means the Customer.

2. Eligibility

This Campaign is open to all M-PESA registered customers who pay via LNM to any Petro oil ltd Tills.

3. Promotion

The promotion gives a Cashback reward Customers who pay via LNM to any Petro oil ltd Tills 

4. Qualifying Transactions

 To qualify for the rewards under the Campaign, you must pay via LNM to any Petro oil ltd Tills (“Qualifying Transactions”).

5. How to Participate

  1.  M-PESA registered Petro Oil Kenya customers will be automatically opted-in when they pay via LNM to any Petro oil ltd Tills.

  2. Upon making payment, you will receive a reward SMS and be automatically rewarded with the Cashback.

  3. You will receive 1% Cashback of the amount paid via M-PESA.

6. Rewards

Qualifying Transaction






Pay via LNM to any Petro oil ltd


Minimum of kshs.1000  paid for fuel per transaction

1% of Payment Amount

7. Promotion Period

The Campaign will run for four (4) months from 17th June 2019 to 17th September 2019.

8. Customer Support

For any queries you can contact Safaricom on:  100 for prepaid customers or 200 for post-paid customers.

9. General Terms

The utilization of Rewards gained under the Campaign shall be subject to the standard applicable rates for various service offerings provided by Safaricom to its subscribers.

10. Other Terms

  1. These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and subject to the “M-PESA Customer Terms and Conditions”, available at and the terms and conditions for other Safaricom Services that you may be using.

  2. Safaricom reserves the right to amend or vary these Terms and Conditions or to withdraw the Campaign at any time. In any of these events, notice will be given via SMS to the eligible subscribers and will be effective immediately or as at the date referred to in such notifications.

  3. These Terms and Conditions are available at


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