Short-Term Pay Bill

A short-term paybill is a product that allows for fundraising of funds for different needs e.g. medical bills, funerals, weddings, education purposes and for charity/catastrophes.

A short-term paybill is valid for a maximum duration of 6 months.

  • All application requests will be through the online portal -
  • After application and submission of all the required documentation on the portal, processing of the Pay Bill will be done within 24 hours.

This is the Pay Bill number used by customers to make payments through Lipa Na M-PESA.

When applying for the short-term Pay Bill, each type of Pay Bill has specific documents required as will be shown on the portal, i.e. medical Pay Bill will require different documents than a wedding Pay Bill.

Yes, one can apply on behalf of a beneficiary, minor, or a group.

The applicant is the person filling in the application form details and submitting the required documents on the online portal.

A beneficiary is the recipient or the person in need of the funds collected on the short-term paybill.

Using the nominated mobile number that was captured on the application form, simply dial *234*4# and follow the steps displayed.

This is a USSD code the customer dials on their mobile phone to withdraw the funds to the bank or check balance of funds on the paybill.

  1. Dial *234*4# from the nominated mobile number given during the application request.
  2. Select option number 3 for my account services.
  3. Select option number 1 for check balance.
  4. Selection option 1 for Business/Store number, and then enter the paybill number. A message will be sent showing the current paybill balance.
  1. Dial *234*4# from the nominated mobile number given during the application request.
  2. Select option number 1 for withdraw cash.
  3. Select option number 2 to bank, and then enter the paybill number.

Note: you can only withdraw funds to the bank account provided during the application process.

This is the ability to receive your funds in the bank immediately after initiating a withdrawal request.

Any format except ZIP file.

You can attach up to 10 MB per document required.

Log in to the portal - and click on “my applications” tab.  Only the applicant can view the status of the application.

  1. Pending: The application request has been submitted successfully to the Lipa Na M-PESA team for processing.
  2. Rejected: The application request has been rejected and the reason(s) is clearly indicated.
  3. Approved: All documentation provided have been reviewed successfully and the paybill is being processed.
  4. Complete: The short-term paybill number is active, details sent to the applicant and payments can now be received on the paybill.

Customers can contact Safaricom through;

1. Call Line 100 or 200 or 234.

2. Visit any of the Safaricom retails shops countrywide.

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