M-PESA Pin Manager

This is a service that enables you to reset their M-PESA PIN.

 M-PESA Forgot PIN DIY Service

A D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) service allows you to reset your M-PESA PIN on demand to give you control.  Dial *334# and follow the prompts to set up your M-PESA security questions and answers.

How to set up security questions and answers

  • M-PESA customers will dial *334#, *100# or *234#
  • Follow the prompts to set up a set of 3 security questions and answers.
  • Validate the question and answer using the M-PESA PIN.
  • It’s not a mandatory requirement. For customers who have not set up security questions and answers, they will be vetted on products they frequently use.

The kind of questions customers are asked on dynamic vetting.

  • Customers will be asked questions similar to what they are asked on call e.g.
    • frequently dialed numbers,
    • KCB M-PESA/M-Shwari Limit,
    • M-PESA balance,
    • Last top up or post-paid limit.

These questions will be randomized for each customer using dynamic vetting. Customers will be given three attempts of different questions, failure to which they will be locked out on the DIY solution for 7 days: see example below:

  • Attempt 1: After keying in the ID number, customer is asked for example the M-PESA balance and last top up, if they fail to answer correctly, on second attempt system will ask them a different set of questions, if they answer correctly, a new start PIN is sent to them, if they fail to answer correctly, another set of questions is sent to them as the final attempt; where they answer correctly, a new start PIN is sent, but if they fail on the 3rd attempt, the system locks them out for 7 days from requesting for a start PIN via the DIY solution

To reset your M-PESA security questions you will:

  • Dial *334#
  • Select My Account
  • Select M-PESA PIN Manager
  • Set M-PESA security questions
  • Enter your ID
  • Choose any three security questions, and answer them
  • Confirm
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN

You will receive a message for your successful setting of the security questions.

NB: The questions and answers set will be used in future whenever the customer uses the self- service solution to reset their M-PESA PIN

How to reset your M-PESA PIN

  • Dial *334# to get started
  • Enter your ID/Passport number to verify your identity
  • Correctly answer 3 of the 3 security questions
  • You will receive a start PIN to reset your M-PESA PIN

How to Unlock Locked M-PESA PIN

A customer who knows their PIN but locked their account can unlock on their end by:

Dialing *334#, >My account>unlock account- Customer will then be asked to key in their document ID for their account to be reset.
Maximum allowed PIN reset attempts: A customer is allowed 3 maximum PIN reset attempts and after exhausting this, the customer is barred for 7 days but can seek assistance from customer care.

Forgot answers and questions solution; contact our call center for the questions and answers to be reset to default/ delete.

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