Okoa Jahazi is a service that enables PrePay subscribers to access airtime on credit and pay later.

You can now request for airtime advance of 10/-, 20/-, 50/-, 100/-, 250/-, 500/- and 1000/- which you can now browse the internet or make international calls.

How to use Okoa Jahazi

  • To Okoa, dial *131#, press the call button and select your preferred Okoa Jahazi airtime amount.
  • To check your Okoa Jahazi airtime balance, dial *144*4# and press the call button.

Key Features of Okoa Jahazi

  • You can request for Okoa Jahazi airtime of KSHs.10, KSHs.20, KSHs.50, KSHs.100, KSHs.250, KSHs.500 and KSHs.1000.
  • You can browse the Internet with Okoa Jahazi.
  • You can make calls and send SMSes to Safaricom and all other local & international networks.
  • Your airtime balance must be less than KSHs.2 for you to qualify.
  • Your mobile number must have been active on Safaricom for at least 6 months.
  • An advance service fee of 10% is charged for each request.

The table below highlights the service fee for each request and the actual airtime received.

Requested Amount (KSHs.) Service Fee (KSHs.) Airtime Received (KSHs.)
1000 100 900
500 50 450
250 25 225
100 10 90
50 5 45
20 2 18
10 1 9

From the table above, if for example you request KSHs.50, you will receive KSHs.45, which means KSHs.5 will have been deducted in advance. In your next top-up, KSHs.50 will be deducted which is the original amount you had requested for.The amount requested must be equivalent to your airtime spend for the last 7 days, e.g., if you request KSHs.100, then you must have used airtime worth KSHs.100 over the last 7 days.

  • Okoa Jahazi airtime advanced is deducted in the next top-up(s) until fully recovered.
  • You can request for Okoa Jahazi airtime daily as long as you have fully repaid the previous airtime advanced.
  • You cannot Sambaza/transfer your Okoa Jahazi airtime.
  • You cannot request for Okoa Jahazi if you have an outstanding balance and the airtime advanced must be repaid within 5 days from the time of request.
  • If repayment is not done within 5 days, you will not be able to access the service for 7 days.
  • Okoa Jahazi service is available to Safaricom PrePay subscribers only.