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Make your voice your password and keeping your line secure with Jitambilishe. Register your voice and use it to access Safaricom’s services such as getting PUK, Unlocking M-PESA Account, getting M-PESA PIN/start Key and performing a SIM replacement safely and conveniently.

Jitambulishe eliminates the need for vetting or security questions to verify ownership, and makes it possible for you to speak a simple voice pass phrase for authentication. Jitambulishe service also enable you to access more self-service options easily and fast.

How to register for Jitambulishe

    1. Call 456
    2. Select the Language of your choice [English|Kiswahili]
    3. Select option 1 to enroll your voice to the Safaricom Jitambulishe service
    4. Key in your ID number and Press #
    5. Enrol your voice by repeating the phrase “At Safaricom, my voice is my password” OR “Safaricom, sauti yangu ndio kitambulisho changu” three times
    6. Enter your M-PESA PIN to complete enrolment