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M-PESA customer statement on USSD

What is M-PESA Customer Statement via USSD?



This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) service that enables M-PESA customers to access their M-PESA statements on demand and/or monthly, by requesting via *334#.

Will customers need to register afresh for the M-PESA on USSD solution?



Yes. Customers who already receive their monthly M-PESA statements will need to register afresh, to enjoy the added benefits of the revamped solution e.g an E-Stamp etc.

How can one request for a statement older than 1 year?



For statements older than one year, customers are advised to visit our Safaricom Retail centers to receive their statements.

 How will customers register for the service?



The new service is currently available on *334#

  • Dial *334# from an M-PESA registered line

  • Select option 7 – My Account.

  • Select option 3 - M-PESA Statement.

  • Select option 1 - Register for email statement and follow the prompts.

  • Accept Terms and Conditions.

  • Enter a valid e-mail address – and confirm.

  • Confirm your details

  • Enter M-PESA PIN.

  • Await your registration details which will be sent on SMS.

Will customers receive any email after the registration process?



Yes. Customers will receive a notification on the email address provided, with an OTP.

How will customers verify the OTP shared on email?



Customers will:

  • Dial *334#.
  • Select option 7 – My Account
  • Select option 3 – M-PESA Statement.
  • Select Option 1 – Verify Email using OTP.
  • Enter OTP sent on the email provided.

The customer will receive a notification informing them that:

  • They have successfully registered their email address to receive monthly M-PESA statements.
  • They have been opted out of the old M-PESA Statements service.

 How long is the One Time Password valid for and can another one be generated if the initial one expired?



The OTP generated is valid for 24 Hours from the time of request.

However, another OTP can be generated from the M-PESA statement Menu on USSD which the customer can use to verify their email address.

Will customers be able to opt out of the M-PESA Statements on USSD service?




  • Dial *334#.

  • Select option 7 – My Account

  • Select option 3 – M-PESA Statement.

  • Select option 4 – Opt out.

 How often will M-PESA customers receive their statements once they are registered successfully?



M-PESA customers will receive monthly statements sent once between 1st and 5th of every month.

  • In addition, the customer can also request for a statement on demand – i.e. anytime.

  • These statements can vary - 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months or a specific period ranging within 30 days.

Can customers register more than one e-mail address?



No. One can only register one email address at a time.

Customers can however change their email address as many times as would want to.

How many times can one request for statements in a day.



Customers can request for their M-PESA statements up to 3 times a day.

How is this new M-PESA Statements service different from the previous service?



For this service, customers will be able to:

  • Receive an OTP to verify their email address during the registration process.

  • Use of M-PESA PIN to authenticate their requests.

  • Select a range of days for which they require their M-PESA statements.