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Out Of Bundle Price Change

Why must the Price Change? +

The price has to be amended to comply with the Financial Act of 2021 where the excise duty was amended from 15% to 20%.

What is OOB?


This means out of bundle usage. Affecting calls, SMS, data browsing from normal airtime and not within a bundle.

When does the change happen?


The change will take effect from 0000hrs on 7th July 2021

Who will be affected?


ALL prepay customers (Uwezo, Blaze), post pay and hybrid tariffs on out of bundle usage

What will be the new effective rate after the change?



Without tax

With tax

Voice (peak)

        Kshs. 3.50

Kshs. 4.87

Voice (off peak)

        Kshs. 1.80

Kshs. 2.50


        Kshs. 0.86

Kshs. 1.20

Data (out of bundle)

        Kshs. 3.50

Kshs. 4.87

What if I am in a bundle then my bundle runs out?


The new rates will only apply when you run out of bundle and continue to use the airtime out of bundle

 What will be the priority of usage?


The priority of usage will always be in bundle first before out of bundle usage. ( least validity taking preference over longer validity bundles)

How will I get to know?


Communication will be done from the below channels from 7th July, 2021

  • Newspaper Ad
  • Bulletin to Dealers and M-PESA agents
  • SMS blast to all customers
  • Website update with new rates

 Will I still get to purchase bundled products?


Yes. Bundles products will still be available on all purchase touch points.

What if I am using STORO bonus airtime?


The new rate will apply since the bonus airtime is not a bundled product

What if I am using Okoa Jahazi airtime?


Okoa Jahazi airtime will use the new rate since it is not a bundled product

Are there other accounts that will be affected by this OOB price changes?


Yes, All accounts that give customers resources in terms of money as opposed to minutes will be billed at the new rates when the customer is consuming the resources. Example; NEO Airtime with no expiry, Dabo-dabo bonus, Sherekea account and all airtime bonuses.