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What type of device should I have to use M-PESA App? 


  • Make sure that you have a supported Android Version, minimum version is 4.4 (kitkat)

  • • Make sure that you have a supported iOS Version, minimum version is 9

When I click on a button appears “Coming Soon”. What does it mean?


You are testing a beta version of M-PESA, features that are labeled as Coming Soon will be available only on future versions. Keep using the Application to discover these new features.

I have seen an error screen while completing a transaction. How can I complete a transaction in this scenario? 


Please make sure that you are using the mobile application with a proper internet connection, have enough balance and inserted the correct PIN. If all these criteria is met, please contact support and indicate the error that is present on the screen.

I don’t want to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Can I still use the App?


No, accepting Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy is a mandatory step to use M-PESA

I didn’t allow the App to access my contacts on the Send Money flow. How can I give permissions? 


You can click on button that directs to phone settings, or go directly to settings on your device. Then on M-PESA App Settings activate the access to your phone book.

What is Discover and Grow Tab? 


  • On Discover tab customers can find services provided either by Safaricom or 3rd Parties such as Safaricom Bundles, ProGas, …

  • • On Grow tab customers can find financial services provided by M-PESA, banks or other partner such as M-Shwari, KCB M-PESA and others

I have found an issue with the Application and/or have a question that I couldn’t find an answer in this document. Who should I contact? 


To get further assistance please contact