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Safaricom eSIM

How do I get a Safaricom e-SIM? 


Please visit any of our Safaricom Shops to purchase the eSIM at KSh150 to do a SIM Swap from your  physical SIM Card to eSIM. For an eSIM with a new phone number the customer will pay KSh 250.

What documentation do I need to acquire an eSIM


You will need your Original identification documents such as ID, Passport etc

Are all devices supported by the eSIM?


At the moment only the devices listed below support the eSIM

iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2020

Samsung: S21, Z Fold, and Note 20

How do I know if my phone supports e-SIM? 


You will need to follow the menu for your device as shown on the Customer Journey screenshots to check. If your device is supported but you cannot install the eSIM, please update to the newest software.

Can I use both physical and e-SIM on the same handset with different phone numbers? 


Yes, if you have both SIMs active it means that you have two different phone numbers on the same phone. This makes your device a Dual SIM

Can I make and receive calls from both phone numbers I have?


Yes, you can make and receive calls and messages from all phone numbers on the device. However, if you're on a call with one of your phone numbers, calls to your other phone number will go to voicemail. You will also receive a notification for the missed call. Call Waiting will work if you receive a call to the same number that you are currently using.

Can I revert to the Physical SIM from the eSIM


Yes, you can. Visit the nearest Safaricom shop to perform a a SIM swap for you. In this case, a physical SIM will be sold to you.

Can I port in/ port out with an e-SIM from another carrier to Safaricom or vice versa?



Can I perform all regular activities on e-SIM (Check balance, buy data, sambaza, buy Value Added Services like Skiza etc.)


Yes, all activities above and many more can be performed on the e-SIM when it is activated.

Can I call the Safaricom Call Center to activate Safaricom service on my e-SIM? 


You will need to visit the Safaricom Shop to purchase an e-SIM and perform a SIM Swap.

10.Can I download the eSIM QR code to my device without a data connection? 


One must be connected to a WI-FI or cellular network to download the QR code.

Can the e-SIM connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G?


Yes, the experience will be similar to a physical SIM where you can switch between networks.

How many e-SIM profiles can one have on my device? 


This is dependent on a specific device because of different manufacturer specifications and capabilities.

For SIMcard with M-PESA, after SIMswap, does it auto activate or M-PESA activation will be required?


Remains the same. You will be required go to use your STK menu to activate your M-PESA account after the SIM Swap.