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Bonga Popote

How will I redeem my points using Lipa na Bonga service (Bonga popote) at a Lipa na MPESA Buy Goods Till number?



To redeem your Bonga Points, simply dial *126# and select “Lipa Na Bonga “. You will be asked to enter the Till No/Pay bill No the amount you want to pay and your Service PIN. If you have forgotten your Service PIN, simply click forget to reset it.

Business Rules;

This Service is available to all Safaricom Prepay and Post Pay subscribers who are enrolled to Bonga Points.

Prepay subscribers and Individual Post pay subscribers will be able to redeem for goods & services at Select Pay bills & All Buy goods merchants

Corporate Post pay customers will need to work with their Relationship managers from enterprise business to guide on a process to redeem for goods and services for the corporate client

What is the conversion rate for Lipa na Bonga Service (Bonga Popote)?



Customer will exchange 5 Bonga point to KES 1

How will I confirm if I have paid using my Bonga points?



To confirm a transaction, compare the MPESA transaction ID you have received with the one that the Lipa na MPESA merchant has received. To note, all payments paid using Bonga points will come with the customer name as ‘Safaricom Bonga Everywhere’

What happens if I pay into a till but have insufficient Bonga Points?



The transaction will only be completed successfully if you have insufficient points in your account.

How can I check the number of points I need to pay for my bill?



To check how many points, you need to pay for your bill, dial *126# select ‘Lipa Na Bonga’, then select ‘Bonga Calculator’. You will be requested to put in the amount you want to pay. You will then get a response showing the number of points you will need to pay your bill.

Are there any extra charges when I pay using Bonga Points?



No, there are no extra charges. Only the Bonga Points value of the bill you are paying will be deducted from your Bonga balance when you redeem

What can I do If I don’t have enough Bonga Points?



You can calculate how much your Bonga points can cover on *126# when you go to Lipa na Bonga and use the Bonga Calculator. Thereafter let the merchant know that you will be paying partly with Bonga points and the rest of the payment you can make via Lipa na MPESA