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What is Baze?


Baze is a Mobile First, video on demand service that offers you a vast selection of local and regional short form videos in Entertainment, Music, News, Sports.

What kind of content is available on Baze?


Baze has a wide selection everyone’s favorite local comedies, drama & lifestyle shows Bollywood, Nollywood and so much more.

How can I access Baze?


You can access Baze on your mobile phone, go to your browser and key Register with your name and Mobile Phone number. You will need a subscription to watch content on Baze.

How much is a Baze Subscription?


There are two Subscriptions. A Daily content only subscription at Ksh 10 and a Daily Combo (Content + Data) subscription at Ksh 20 with 200MB.

How can I purchase the Baze Subscription?


There are two ways.

Method 1: USSD

1) Dial *544*55#

2) Select Baze

There are 2 different Subscription Plans

Daily Pass without data at Ksh 10

Daily pass with data at Ksh 20

3) Select Buy Option (Auto-Renew or One Off)

4) Select Payment Option and Confirm Payment

4) You will receive an SMS with the link. Click on link to start watching

N.B: The link will redirect you to the portal

Method 2: Safaricom App & Safaricom Web

  • Go to Discover
  • Select Videos
  • Select Buy Subscription
  • Select a payment method
  • Confirm Payment
  • Click on Proceed to Baze

How can I opt out of automatic renewal on the Baze Subscription?



 By dialing *544*35#

How much data do I get with the Baze Pass?



Customers will get a daily Pass of 200MB.

Can I use my Baze Pass to browse on other sites?



No, Baze pass bundles will be restricted to Partner App URLs and any browsing outside Baze will be charged from the customer’s bundle or their airtime

Can I purchase more than one Baze pass per day?



Yes, you can, and you will have both the bundle and subscription extended by the most recent purchase.

Can I sambaza my Baze Pass?



No, the bundle resources are not transferable

Does the Baze Pass roll-over?



No, the content subscription will expire after the validity period

Who is eligible for this product?



The bundles will be availed to both Prepay, Post-pay and Hybrid customers via *544*55# , Safaricom App & Web.

Can I use my normal bundles to access Baze?



Yes, you can access Baze with a normal bundle.

 Are all browsers supported?




Am I able to access Baze over WI-FI?



Yes, You can access Baze over WIFI.

Do you have an option for multiple users sharing one account?



Yes, a User will be able to share the same account if they get access to the OTP.