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Tenders (RFQ/RFP)

Can I seek clarifications on tenders?



  1. You can send any clarifications to Safaricom on a specific tender by clicking on actions >> Online discussion

  2. Safaricom will also respond to clarifications through the online discussion portal

NB: Email or phone calls are not allowed for clarifications.

How do I access my open tenders?


  1. You will receive an email notification informing you of the tender you are expected to participate in.

  2. Login to the portal, go the sourcing home page and check on your company’s open invitations.

How do I view RFx before quoting?


  1. Click on sourcing home page

  2. Click on negotiation number

  3. You can view and print entire RFx by clicking supplier printer view on the action menu. This will generate a PDF extract

How do I create a quote?



To create a quote select from the actions drop down tab and click on Create response/Create bid/ create quote

How do I respond to the questions?


  1. You need to fill up all the questions on the headers and lines tabs

  2. After filling up all information click continue then Submit

How do I attach supporting documents?


  1. All attachments supporting technical submissions should be attached under category From Supplier: Technical

  2. All attachments supporting commercial submissions should be attached under category From Supplier: Commercial

How do I confirm that I have successfully submitted the bid?


  1. You will receive a notification that bid has been successfully submitted

  2. You can view your bid by going to actions>> supplier printable view and download a PDF of your actual bid

How do I know bid has been opened?


  1. The bid can only be opened after close date.

  2. You will receive an email notification once the bid has been opened.

How do I Know the results of the tender?


  1. Tender results will be communicated via the portal

  2. The bid status will either show awarded or not awarded.

Can I deliver goods and services after award?



You should only deliver goods/services after you receive of a Purchase order.