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Black Friday With Lipa Na M-PESA

What is the Black Friday with Lipa na M-PESA campaign?



The campaign seeks to reward M-PESA customers with an incentive.

Customers will get an automatic cash back for using M-PESA (Buy Goods option) to pay for goods and services at participating malls and outlets.

When will the campaign run?



The campaign will only be valid on 27th November 2020.

 How will customers be rewarded?



M-PESA customers will receive a 5% cash back of their total spend value, which will be credited to their M-PESA accounts.

For amounts over Ksh 20,000, customers will receive an automatic Ksh 1,000 cash back.

Will customers have to wait for the cash back inventive after paying?



No. customers will receive their cash back immediately after completing their payment using Lipa na M-PESA – Buy Goods option.

How will customers receive the cash back?



Customers will receive a cash back from the number 543276 – Lipa Na M-PESA Cashback. Sample message below:


Congratulations! You have received Ksh. 123 from the M-PESA Black Friday Cashback Campaign on 27/11/20 at 11: 11pmPM.

Dial the new M-PESA *334# to send money.


  • Customers will also receive a notification from Safaricom, confirming the cash back inventive.

 What are the participating malls and outlets?


The discount applies to select outlets in the following 13 malls:


Capital Centre

Two Rivers Mall


The Mall Westlands

Greenspan Mall

Diamond Plaza

Adlife Plaza

Highway Mall

Nextgen Mall

Lavington Mall

The Hub Karen


Rosslyn Riviera

Galleria Mall

Sarit Centre



 In case of any reversal, will the cash back amount also be reversed?



Should there be a reversal, the cash back amount will also be reversed.

Who can customers contact in case of any issue with their cash back amount?



In case of any customer issue about the cash back, customers can call Line 234, Line 100 or Line 200. Customers can also use the Safaricom social media channels for additional assistance.