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SMS Bundles Promotion

How long will the SMS Promotion run?



The promotion will run for 90 days.

How do I participate in the Promotion?



A customer must buy any SMS bundle to win. The SMS bundles are accessible via *444*8#

How will the winners be selected?



The winners will be selected randomly.

What kind of prizes can be won?


  1. Airtime of 20, 50 & 100/- expiry of 24Hrs
  2. Daily Weekly & Monthly SMS Bundles

 How will the Airtime and SMS prizes be awarded?



Winnings are awarded immediately

Can I sambaza the airtime or SMS Bundles?



The airtime won is not transferable

 Can I pay for Okoa jahazi using the airtime prize?



Airtime awarded cannot be used to pay for ETU

How do I use the airtime?


  • Airtime awarded cannot be used for international calls but can call all other local networks
  • Airtime awarded cannot be used to buy a data bundle but can be used for OOB browsing.