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Viusasa Data Pass

What is the Viusasa Data Pass?


Viusasa Data Pass is a bundle that allows you to buy subscription to the Viusasa platform plus data bundles to watch the videos at one cost.

How much is the Viusasa Data Pass?


The Viusasa Data Pass will cost you 10 bob daily. The bundle will autorenew daily of the purchase is made using Mpesa.

The bundle can be purchased using both Airtime and Mpesa.

How can I purchase the Viusasa data pass?


The Viusasa data pass can be accessed by dialing *544*25#. The customer should then select the video that they wish to watch.

What shows can I watch on Viusasa?


A customer will have access to Maria, Kumkum Bhagya, Hotel Secreto, Ringo and News.

How can I opt out of the Viusasa data pass?


You can opt out of the Viusasa Data pass by dialing *544*35#.

How much data do I get with the Viusasa Data Pass?


Each customer will get 100MBs to watch videos on Viusasa.

Can I use my Viusasa Data pass for other data needs?


No. You can only use the Viusasa data bundle to watch Viusasa videos.

Can I purchase more than one Viusasa Data pass per day?


No, the customer will be required to purchase a regular data bundle on *544# to continue watching their favourite Viusasa videos.

Can I sambaza my Viusasa Data bundle?


No, you will not be allowed to transfer the Viusasa Data Pass. 

Does the Viusasa bundle roll-over?


No, the Viusasa data bundle will not roll over and will expire after 24 hours.

Who is eligible for this product?


The product can be accessed by any Safaricom customer.