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New Subscriber Registration Consent

What is subscriber registration consent?


This is a service that notifies customers via message (SMS) alert that an additional line is about to be registered under their ID or Passport. The service allows Safaricom customers to accept or cancel registration of any additional number using their personal details. 

How do I activate/register for subscriber registration consent?


You don’t activate/register for it. When someone tried to register a new line with your ID, you automatically get an alert.

What number will I receive the SMS alert from?


The message will come from 707.

Where a customer has multiple lines, which number will receive the notification?


The system will check and confirm the number under the ID which is the most active on the network or M-PESA. This is the primary number.

What is my primary number?


This is the oldest, most active number found on our network that is registered under your ID details.

What happens if the customer does not respond to the message?


The registration of the new line will fail. New line registration will only succeed when you reply with ‘YES’ to the SMS notification.

What happens if the message is not delivered (when phone is off or upon loss of a phone) to the primary number?


Where an SMS is not delivered to the primary number OR if the primary number has been inactive for more than 24hrs, the registration will be allowed.


If your phone has been off for less than 24hrs, registration will fail.

How can existing customers confirm if there are SIM cards registered under their identity?


To confirm existing numbers in your ID, contact customer care or visit any Safaricom shop near you.

What notifications will be sent out to the customers?


The below messages will be sent to customers from the number




Customer notification registration

Dear customer, a new number 795xxxxx is about to be registered under your ID number. Please reply with YES to continue or NO to cancel the registration.

Customer notification: YES response


Dear customer, your response has been received. Your new line registration proceeds.

Customer notification: NO response

Dear customer, the new line registration request received under your ID has been cancelled. Thank you.

Customer successful registration with M-PESA

Dear customer, the line registration request for customer number 795xxxxx is successful.

Customer success without M-PESA

Dear agent, the line registration request for customer number 795xxxxx is successful. M-PESA registration failed as a line is already on M-PESA.