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Bonga For Good

What is Bonga For Good?


This is a service which enables you to pay your bills at Lipa Na M-PESA merchants countrywide using your Bonga points.

How can I access Bonga For Good services?


Customer will be required to dial *126# and select “Lipa Na Bonga” and move to enter either the Pay bill or Till Number of the merchant.

What is the conversion rate for Bonga For Good?


Customer will exchange 1 bonga point to KES 30 cents

How will I confirm if I have paid using my Bonga points?


To confirm a transaction, compare the transaction ID  you have received with the one from that the merchant has received. To note, All payments paid using Bonga points will come with the customer name ‘Safaricom Bonga’

Do I need to reconcile the Bonga payments at the end of the day?


No, you will not. The payment to the till is immediate. No need to reconcile later.

The customer has overpaid their bill. Can I reverse the transaction?


Yes, normal Lipa Na MPESA reversal process will be used. If the customer has sufficient points, the customer can initiate another transaction and indicate the correct amount

What happens if a I pay into a till but have insufficient Bonga Points ?


The customer transaction will only be completed successfully if they have sufficient points in their account.

How can I check the number of points I need to pay for my bill?


To check how many points you will need to pay for your bill, dial *126# select ‘Lipa Na Bonga’, then select ‘Bonga Calculator’. You will be requested to put in the amount you want to pay. You will get a response showing the number of points you will need to pay your bill.

How will I redeem my points at the till?


To redeem your Bonga Points, simply dial *126# and select “Lipa Na Bonga “. You will be asked to enter the Till No, the amount you want to pay and your service PIN.

How do I check how many Bonga points I have?


To check your Bonga Points, simply dial *126# and select "Check Bonga Balance". You will receive an SMS notification with details of your Bonga account balance.

How can I change or reset my Bonga Pin?


To change or reset your Bonga PIN simply dial *126# and select Set or Change Bonga PIN and follow the prompts.

If I am a corporate client how do I access Bong Points?


For corporate employees who may not be able to see/redeem their points please check with your company administration for further information

If I do not have enough Bonga points, can I top up with cash or M-PESA?


This will be at the merchants discretion. You will need to confirm at the outlet.

Are there any extra charges when I pay my bill using my Bonga points?


No, there are no extra charges. Only the Bonga Points value of the bill you are paying will be deducted from your Bonga balance when you redeem.

I have keyed in the wrong amount and want my points back. How do I go about it?


If you have put in a lower amount, you may redeem more points to cater for the difference.

If you have keyed in a larger amount, you will need to contact Customer care for them to initiate the reversal. You will receive a confirmation SMS once the points are reversed to your account.