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Lipa Na M-Pesa Do More Merchant Promotion

What is the Lipa Na M-PESA Do More promotion?


The Lipa Na M-PESA Do More Promotion is an 8-week promotion to reward businesses for collecting payments and using Lipa Na M-PESA. The promotion is entry-based; 1 entry will be awarded for every KShs.100 and above collected or transacted via Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods.

When will the promotion start?


The promotion will run from 8th January 2020 to 5th March 2020.

Which Lipa Na M-PESA transactions qualify for the promotion?


All transactions done from the till qualify for the promotion

Will a Lipa Na M-PESA merchant till be required to opt in?


No. Any Lipa Na M-PESA transaction over KShs.100 accepted on your till at the beginning of the promotion will automatically opt in the merchant.

How will Lipa Na M-PESA merchants:


1.Check their points?

Dial *234# from the nominated number

  • Select 9 > Merchant Promo
  • Select 1 > Check My Points


2.Check winnings?

Dial *234# from the nominated number

  • Select 9 > Merchant Promo
  • Select 2 > Check Reward

What are the promotion mechanics for merchants?


  1. Open to all existing, inactive and new Buy Goods Merchants/Tills that will be registered during the promotion
  2. Buy Goods Merchant Tills will receive 25% cash back of the charges paid by the till every day at midnight .
  3. Where the cost is borne by the customer, neither the merchant nor the customer will receive the
  4. Every collection or transaction from the till above100 equals 1 entry.
  5. Every point earns you an entry into the weekly and final merchant
  6. If a transaction is reversed, both the entry and cashback will be

Which are the listed eight (8) regions?


  • Nairobi
  • Coast
  • Mt. Kenya
  • Western
  • Nyanza
  • Rift Valley
  • Eastern
  • North Eastern

What are the prizes to be won?


Winners will be selected randomly as shown below:


Merchant Winnings               Frequency                         Quantity

25% Cash Back


All merchants


Biweekly draws

5 per region


Grand draw

1 per region

When and how will the draws be done?


Biweekly merchant draws will be done every Monday. The grand prize draws will be done on 5th March 2020. All weekend draws (Saturday and Sunday) will be done on Monday, together with the Monday draws. Public holiday draws will be done on the next weekday of working day as the case may be.

How will merchants be informed of their winnings?


Grand Prize and Biweekly winners will only be contacted through the official Safaricom Number 0722 000000. Daily winners will be contacted via SMS, whose header will be ‘LIPA NA M-PESA’.

If a transaction is reversed, will the entries be reversed as well?


Yes. The entries will be reversed.

In case of any query who can be contacted?


  • Call 234 or 100
  • Safaricom Retail Shops