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Who is eligible for the Voice Plan?


The voice plan is available to all prepay, individual post-pay &hybrid subscribers.

What will I use the voice plan for?


The Voice plan will be used for both on-net and off-net calls.

 How will a customer purchase the voice plan?


The voice plan will be available once your purchase your talk time on *544# via airtime or M-PESA.

How will I check my voice plan balance?


Balance check will be available on USSD *544#, *544*44# and 144 for prepay.

What is the validity of the voice plan purchased?


The voice plan will not expire

Can you Sambaza the voice plan purchased?


Subscribers cannot transfer/ Sambaza their voice plan

Can the voice plan be used for browsing?


The voice plan cannot be used to access the internet.

Will I earn bonga points once I purchase the voice plan?


Yes. Customers will earn bonga points when they purchase the voice plan.

Can I purchase the voice plan for another number?


Yes. Customers should be able to purchase the voice plan for self and other numbers

Can I make international calls with the voice plan?


Customers cannot use the voice plan to make international calls.