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AliExpress Easter Cashback Promo

What is the AliExpress Easter CashBack Promotion?


The AliExpress app is an online retail platform based in China that has integrated with M-PESA to allow customers in Kenya to shop and pay with M-PESA on the app.

The Easter promotion therefore seeks to reward customers who shop on the AliExpress app and pay with M-PESA during the Easter period.

What is the objective of the promotion?


To reward customers who shop on AliExpress app and pay with M-PESA.

When will the promotion run?


The promotion will run from 18th April to 30th April.

What are the promotion mechanics?


  • Customers will be automatically rewarded with a 5% cash back reward when they pay for goods on the AliExpress app using M-PESA.
  • 5% of the purchase value will be paid back to the customer’s M-PESA account on a successful M-PESA payment transaction on AliExpress app.
  • The 5% cashback will ONLY be assigned to the phone number that has made the payment transaction.
  • Only payment made with M-PESA qualify for the 5% cashback.
  • Cashback awarded does not have an expiry duration.
  • Minimum qualifying shopping and payment amount is Ksh 200
  • Maximum cash limit will be restricted by maximum M-PESA transaction limit of Ksh 70,000
  • Maximum cashback amount per transaction is Ksh. 3,500

What happens to the cashback reward when the principle amount is reversed?


If the principal amount is reversed, the cashback amount will also be reversed.

Who is eligible for the promotion?


This incentive is open to all registered M-PESA customers who shop on the AliExpress app and pay with M-PESA for a minimum of Ksh. 500.

Can a customer shop on the AliExpress website to participate in the promotion?


No. The AliExpress website currently does not have the M-PESA payment option therefore payments done on the AliExpress website will not qualify for the promotion – only M-PESA payments on the AliExpress app qualify.

Are there any exemptions?


Shopping amounts below Ksh. 200 will not qualify for promotion.

Where can customers download the AliExpress app from?


On Google Playstore for android phone users and Apple Store for IOS users.