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Giga Data Bundles Promotion

What is the Giga Data Bundles promotion?


This is a promotion whereby subscribers all eligible Safaricom subscribers will purchase the new Safaricom data bundles at affordable prices.

What are the bundles in the Giga Data Bundles offer?


Below are the Giga Data Bundles;






Ksh 99

24 hours


Ksh 999

7 days

How will I be able to purchase the Giga Data Bundles?


Dial *544# or *444*1# from your mobile device and select the Bundle of your choice from the list of bundles. You can also open and select Giga Data bundles.

What is the validity of the Giga Data Bundles?


The Giga bundles will have a 24 hours and 7 days validity

Will I be able to extend the expiry of the bundle?


The expiry of the 24 hour valid bundle can only be extended by purchasing another 24 hour valid bundle, while the expiry of the weekly valid bundle can only be extended by purchasing a weekly bundle.

What happens when my bundle is almost exhausted?


You will receive a low bundle balance notification advising the bundle is almost finished.

How can I check my Giga Data Bundles balance?


Dial *544# or *444# and select “check balance”.

How long will the promotion last?


The promotion will run for 90 days.

Who is eligible for the promotion?


The promotion is available to all Safaricom PrePay and PostPay customers.