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Songa By Safaricom App

What is Songa by Safaricom Music App?


Songa by Safaricom is a music App that will enable our subscribers to get their local and international songs in one place and keep them consistently entertained & updated.

How can I download the Songa by Safaricom?


The App can be downloaded from Google Play store or by dialing*812#. The App is currently available to ONLY Android users.

Who is eligible to use the App?


The App is available to all Prepay and Postpaid Safaricom subscribers.

What categories of Music will I find in the Songa by Safaricom Music App?


The App has all genres of Music, both Local and international songs.

What other benefits will I get when I download the Songa by Safaricom App?


a. You will get FREE 2 weeks to experience the app without paying any subscription plans.

b. You will have access to all the latest music tracks.

c. You will experience a great and uninterrupted experience when listening to the music you love.

d. You will be able to stream and download music at an affordable price.

What is the cost of subscribing to the Songa by Safaricom music App?


• Daily @ Kshs 25

• Weekly @ kshs 150

• Monthly @kshs 499

Will I use my data to stream and download music on the Songa music App?


YES. Once you subscribe to any of the daily, weekly or monthly plans, you will use your data to stream and download the songs in the app and normal data rates will apply while streaming the songs.

Will I be able to listen to the songs I have downloaded offline, without using my data bundles?


YES. Once you download songs on the app, you will be able to listen to the songs using offline mode as long as you have an active subscription.

Will I be able to subscribe to a daily, weekly and monthly plan at the same time?


No. You can only have one plan at a time. However you can upgrade your Plan by choosing the option of “Change your subscription”.

How will I unsubscribe from my current subscription plans?


On the App, go to profile & subscriptions and select unsubscribe.

You can also dial *100# for prepaid customers or *200# for postpaid customers, select my subscriptions, then select premium services & games, select My active SMS services, select 22122 and unsubscribe.

Can I access the App offline?


The App will require an internet connection to work. However you can be able to access the songs downloaded offline.

Will I be able to share the songs I am listening to and invite my friends to download the App?


Yes, there will be an option to share the song through whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail etc ,your friends will receive the link, and then will be prompted to download the App then stream or download the songs.

Will I get a notification when new tracks are released?


When new tracks are released, they will appear on the home page based on your selected favourite artists & tracks.

Can I customize my app view?


Yes you can be able to customize your view to change your background themes.

How will I send feedback/ recommendations for the app?


Select the send feedback link and share your comments. We will action any feedback received.

How will artists get to put their music in the Songa music app?


We have partnered with Content providers who will sign up the artists allowing them to have the music in the App. These content providers include Ngomma Limited, Mtech Limited, Xpedia Limited & cellulant limited.

For more information artists can reach us on this email address