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What are Data Roaming Bundle?


Data roaming bundles will allow customers enjoy affordable browsing rates while roaming in South Africa, China, Netherlands, Ghana, Canada, Congo The Democratic Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Qatar, Romania, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Uganda.










20 MB


50 MB



100 MB


200 MB



500 MB


1,000 MB


Who is eligible?


Prepay, PostPay and Hybrid customers can purchase data roaming bundles.

How can I purchase the Data Roaming Bundles?


Customers can purchase the data roaming bundles via USSD

  1. *100*50# for PrePay customers and
  2. *200*50# for PostPay customers

When can I purchase the Data Roaming bundles?


Customers can purchase the data roaming bundles before leaving for their destination or upon arrival.

Bundles will only be used or consumed when roaming on Safaricom partner networks.

What are the available mode of payment?


Customers can purchase the data roaming bundles using M-PESA or Airtime

I have a PostPay number, can I use M-PESA as a mode of payment?


Post pay customers can use M-PESA payment option when buying data roaming bundles for another prepay number. Purchases for self on PostPay will only be done via airtime.

What is the validity of the data roaming bundles?


Customers will enjoy validity based on the data bundles purchased

  1. Daily data roaming bundle will have a 24 hour validity
  2. Weekly data roaming bundles will have a 7 day validity
  3. Monthly data roaming bundles will have a 30 day validity

Can I extend expiry of my data roaming bundles?


All bundles will have rollover but rollover will be conditional as below:

  1. If the customer buys a bundle before the expiry of the previous bundle
  2. The longest validity will apply after customer purchase the additional bundle

Can I transfer my data roaming bundle resources?


Customer can be able to buy for another number, but will not be able to transfer available data roaming bundle resources.

How can I check my data roaming bundle balance


Customers will check their data roaming bundle balance via *100*50# or *200*50#

I bought the data roaming bundles by mistake, can I reverse the transaction?


Subscribers will not be able to reverse their data roaming bundle purchases.

I bought the heavy data roaming bundles and did not exhaust while away, can I use the reminder once back in the country?


Customers will only be able to enjoy the data roaming bundles while browsing using the partners network, they will be required to purchase data bundles when within the country via *544# to enjoy affordable browsing.