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What do I do when I am unable to access the internet?


  • Kindly confirm your bill status and make payment in full by the 16th of the month. If already paid, please contact your Helpdesk on 0722002222 or email for reconnection.
  • If the above has been confirmed ok, check the cable paths into the house or office are firmly fitted and ensure any connections between your Router, Switch, External CPE and your PC are not detached.
  • Examine the cable ties that bundle your wiring together are ok and the cable is not pulled too tight as it runs to the router.
  • Look for any sharp bends in the fiber optic cable. Support the cable, rather than leave it dangling.

What would cause device failure?


  • Overheating and power surge can cause device failure.
  • Ensure that all devices (PC/laptop, switch, router, etc )are placed in a properly aerated area, free from moisture or dampness
  • In all cases ensure all your devices are powered by a UPS and/or a power-surge protector to protect them against power surges & burnouts.

What would cause a service outage?


  • Service outages are caused by a power-outage or fiber cut within your locality or building, or your equipment is not properly powered
  • In case of power-cut, await for restoration of the same then restart your connection
  • In case of fiber cut or your link fails to pick signal, please contact our Help desk on 0722002222 or email

Is your service up but very slow?


My internet link is up but I cannot send or receive emails


  • Ensure that your mail server application (e.g. Exchange) is running.
  • If the internet is up and mail server is up contact Helpdesk 0722 00 22 22 or email