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What is 4G+?


4G+, another first from Safaricom, is a 4G enhancement that allows you to enjoy faster internet. 4G+ allows customers to browse at double the 4G speeds.

Where can a customer enjoy 4G+?


The new technology builds on our growing footprint of 4G network, which has been activated at over 1,100 sites across Kenya. We have already activated 100 4G+ sites in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu as well as parts of Kisii, Naivasha, Kitui, Machakos, Kakamega and Kericho with more areas scheduled to be switched on in coming months.

How does a customer enjoy 4G+?


  • For you to enjoy 4G+, they need to be in an area with 4G+ network coverage.
  • You also requires to have a 4G+ compatible smartphone. Most new 4G smartphones already support the service such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy A5, iPhone 6s, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Mate 7, Huawei Mate S, Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Xperia Z3+, HTC One M9 and HTC One A9, Microsoft Lumia 950, Google Nexus 6P and later devices. In general any device that supports category 6 is compatible with 4G+. Customers can confirm LTE category 6 support on their devices through resources such as and
  • You do not need to make any change on their tariffs or bundles. All our current tariffs and data bundles can be used on 4G+.

How much does it cost?


There is no extra cost for accessing 4G+. Provided you are in a 4G+ enabled area with a capable device, you can access 4G+ without making any change. You will notice increased data speeds when using 4G+.

How fast is it?


4G+ offers peak download speeds of 150Mbps. Typical speeds depend on the location and the users connected at that time. In any case, 4G+ offers double the speed you would get on 4G.

How will 4G+ benefit me?


4G+ will make managing your life on the go a breeze. Think: faster uploads, downloads and web browsing, better video viewing experiences or accessing more apps.

  • Download a 100MB (megabyte) game, even faster
  • Post a photo to social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram instantly
  • Even better experience when streaming HD & 4K videos
  • Stream music seamlessly