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Shinda a 3 Bedroom House

Who is eligible to participate in the promotion?


All Safaricom M-PESA customers are eligible to participating in the SAFARICOM LIPA NA M-PESA SHINDA 3 BEDROOM PROMOTION.

How do I participate in the promotion?


All M-PESA customers can participate in the promotion by performing any of the following transactions worth KES. 50 and above during the promotion period:

  • Lipa Na M-PESA (both paybill and Buy Goods and Services)

What is the duration of the promotion?


The promotion will run from 15th December 2015 0000hrs till 25th January 2016 2359hrs.

What do I win?


During the promotion period, winners will receive airtime awards, cash awards via M-PESA.

At the end of every two weeks, one customer will win a fully furnished house worth KES. 14 Million.
*Prizes above are net of withholding tax

How many promo entries do I get?


Each of the qualifying transactions will be awarded entries based on the transaction value as in the table below:

Consumer Matrix

Value (Ksh)

Qualifying Transactions & Entries

  • Lipa Na M-PESA (*Paybill & Buy Goods)

(*Excludes Paybill to Banks *)

Less than Ksh 50

0 entries

50 - 1000

10 Entries

1001 - 3500

20 Entries

3,501 – 5,000

30 Entries


40 Entries

10,001- 20,000

50 Entries

20,001 – 30,000

60 Entries

30,001- 40,000

70 Entries

40,000 and above

80 Entries


Qualifying transactions

  • Lipa Na M-PESA (Paybill & Buy Goods)

Can I enter into the promotion by sending money?


No. Only Lipa Na M-PESA (both Paybill and Buy Goods and Services) transactions qualify.

Which transactions don’t qualify to get entries?


The following transactions do not qualify to earn you promo entries:

  • Deposit money
  • Send Money
  • Withdraw Money (From Agent and From ATM)
  • Registration onto M-PESA
  • PIN change onto M-PESA
  • Balance enquiry on M-PESA and M-Shwari
  • All non-chargeable transactions
  • M-PESA to Bank
  • Bank to M-PESA
  • M-Shwari transactions
  • KCB M-PESA transactions

How do I check my entries?


Dial *244# then select “Check Points Balance”.

What can I do to increase my chances of winning?


The more you perform the qualifying transactions, the higher your chance of winning.

Can I use a SIM from another network to enter the promo?


No. the promotion is open to Safaricom subscribers only. You will need to perform a qualifying transaction using Safaricom’s M-PESA to participate in the promo.

How will I receive my prize?


Airtime prizes will be topped up directly into the customers’ account and M-PESA prizes will be paid directly into a customer’s M-PESA account.

When will the draws be done?


Draws will be done on weekdays, Monday to Friday. This excludes public holidays. Weekend promotion entries will be put in the Monday’s draw.

How do I escalate issues?


For Customer Care assistance, contact us on:

  • Prepaid Customer Care *100#
  • Postpaid Customer Care *200#
  • M-PESA Customer Care *234#
  • Twitter: @safaricomltd
  • Facebook:

Do I have to register to participate in the promo?


No. by participating in the qualifying transactions during the promo period, you automatically enter into the promotion.

How will winners be contacted?


Daily winners will be notified via SMS. Winners of the house shall be notified via a call from 0729 333 333.