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Who is eligible to buy FLEX Bundles?


FLEX Units are available to all Safaricom PrePay and individual PostPay customers.

How do I purchase and/or renew FLEX Bundles? 


To subscribe, dial *100# or *200# to purchase FLEX bundles. 

How do I unsubscribe from FLEX Bundles?


To unsubscribe from FLEX Bundles, dial *100# or *200# and choose the ‘unsubscribe’ option.

How will I know if my purchase if successful?


You will receive an SMS notification for a successful purchase.

When will auto-renewal for FLEX bundles be done? 


Renewal will be done at midnight. If you don’t have sufficient airtime, the renewal will be done when you top-up and have adequate airtime on your line

What is the validity of the FLEX bundle? 


Validity of the Flex bundles is dependent on what you have selected,

  • Daily – Valid for 24 hours
  • Weekly – Valid for 7 days
  • Monthly – Valid for 30 days
  • Free FLEX – 24 hours

Can I use my FLEX Units to call/SMS other Networks? 


Yes, the FLEX Units can be used for both local on Net and off Net Calls and SMS.  International calls and usage when roaming will be billed from your airtime.

How do I check my FLEX balance?


You may check your Flex balance on *100# and *200# 

Can I buy a FLEX bundle for someone else? 


Yes you can. You will be able to buy FLEX for a third party via USSD (*100# & *200#)

Will my airtime be used if I have FLEX Units?


FLEX Units will be used first before your airtime. You will be billed from your airtime once your FLEX bundle is depleted.

If I have a data bundle or SMS bundle and purchase FLEX, what is the priority if usage? 


The usage priority is

  • Free Resources (Stori Ibambe bonus, free minutes, free data)
  • Bonga redemption for SMS, data, minutes and airtime.
  • Data bundles, SMS bundles
  • FLEX
  • Airtime

I have an Advantage Plus Bundle/ Karibu PostPay. Can I purchase FLEX? 


Currently, you can only purchase FLEX Units after your bundle expires or after you terminate the Advantage Plus/ Karibu contract

Can I Sambaza my FLEX Units once purchased?


No, FLEX Units are not transferable to another number.

Do I get Storo bonus when I buy FLEX?


Yes, FLEX purchase contributes to your Stori Ibambe target on the day of purchase

Can I use my FLEX Units for roaming? 


No, the offers can be used for only local on Net and off Net Calls and SMS

Will FLEX Units be rolled over? 


All FLEX Units will have rollover with below conditions.

  • For auto-renew bundles, FLEX bundles will be rolled over automatically if the customer has enough airtime when renewal is done at midnight.
  • FLEX weekly and monthly bundles will roll each other with the longest validity being assumed.

Will Skiza and PRS services be billed from FLEX? 


Skiza and VAS services will not be billed from FLEX. These will be charged from the airtime in your account. This will also apply for chargeable USSD codes.