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What is Safaricom 4G/LTE Advance?


LTE stands for long term evolution it's a technology that is set to deliver very high data speeds.

What's the difference between LTE and LTE-Advanced? +

LTE Advanced is an upgrade of LTE. It achieves higher internet browsing speeds as compared to those offered by LTE.

How do I enjoy the 4G services? +

To enjoy the superior service, you will need 4G capable Device (phone/tablet/modem) 4G enabled SIM card Be in an area covered by the 4G service

Why do I need a new SIM card for Safaricom’s 4G service? +

4G/LTE relies on new technologies that are not available on normal SIM cards.

Can I replace my current SIM card for a 4G capable device? +

Yes. You can replace your SIM card at any Safaricom retail centre

How can I tell if my smartphone is 4G capable? +

You can check under network settings. Depending on the model of your phone you will see LTE/4G in addition to other mobile network settings. For iPhone: Settings>Mobile/Cellular>Voice & Data For Android: Settings>Mobile data>Network mode>Change to LTE/4G

How do I turn on/off 4G network on my mobile phone? +

You can activate or deactivate 4G using your phone or tablet's menu settings. Examples; For iPhone: Settings>Mobile/Cellular>Voice & Data For Android: Settings>Mobile data>Network mode>Change to LTE/4G

When moving out of a 4G area will my browsing be affected? +

When moving out of or into 4G coverage, you will still continue browsing

Can I make calls over the 4G network?


Calls will be made as normal even if you are in a 4G coverage area. 4G will only be accessible for internet browsing.

Do I need to buy specific data bundles to enjoy 4G or are there any additional charges for using 4G? +

The data bundles available currently will be in use even on 4G. There are no additional charges for using 4G.

Which Devices are currently available in the Safaricom Retail Centres that are 4G enabled? +

Huawei P7 Nokia 1320 iPhone 6 & 6 Plus All these devices will come with FREE 4GB data bundles.

What areas are currently 4G enabled? +

Nairobi Village Market UNEP Gigiri Hanna_Lodge Nyari West Thigiri Runda Estate Mpaka Road General_Mathenge_Drive Woodvale_Grove Parklands 1st avenue Safaricom_House Technical_Building Old_Buruburu Bumbani_Rd Kabete Exchange Mombasa Portriez Changamwe National House Mikindani Industrial Changamwe Exchange Government Chemist

How do I move to 4G? +

Visit the Retail shops where the SIM cards are available. These are Nairobi: I&M, Village Market, Galleria, Junction, Sarit Centre. Mombasa: REX Digo, MIA , Nyali

How do I know my phone is internet enabled?


Your phone will have an icon called Internet or Web besides other icons such as message.

How do I access the Internet on my phone?


You need to set up the phone with settings and then go to the Web/Internet icon and put the Internet Web address you want to access, e.g., and select ok/go.

How do I know my phone is 3G enabled?


The phone will display 3G. (This is seen on the top left or right on most handsets).

How is data charged by Safaricom?


Data is charged depending on download and upload of information, i.e., it’s not time based.

What can I access from my mobile phone?

+ is very rich in content and you can download popular local and international songs, video clips, games, wallpapers, among others. You can also get links to various football sites, education, information etc. Alternatively, you can google what you are looking for by going to

Can I perform e-commerce transactions on


Yes you can. Safaricom has developed innovative services such as Easy Travel which enables you to book and pay for your bus, airline or train ticket.

How much am I charged for browsing the Internet via my phone?


Accessing the Internet will cost you slightly more if you are using the airtime credit in your account. However, you can purchase Internet packages (bundles) which will enable you to browse at discounted rates. Please see our current browsing rates here

If I have subscribed to a Daily Internet Bundle or a limited bundle can I still subscribe to the Chattitude bundle?


Yes, you are able to subscribe to the Chattitude bundle with an existing daily/limited bundle.