Message From our CEO

At Safaricom, our evolution has been driven by the spirit of innovation. We can provide you with multiple opportunities to innovate and solve real-world, complex technical and business problems as you join us on our journey. We strive to have various career opportunities available for undergraduates.


Bob Collymore

about safaricom

about safaricom

Our Purpose

Transforming Lives

Our Brand Promise

‘TWAWEZA’ When We Come Together, Great Things Happen

Our Values

SPEED – We prioritize the right things for the customer, we are focused; demonstrate sense of urgency; analyze, decide and execute fast. Speed is our differentiator.

SIMPLICITY –Communicate clearly, straightforwardly and coherently; develop customer centric ‘easy to use’ (products, processes, interfaces etc.); simplify and/or eliminate work.

TRUST –We consistently do what we say we will do; trust others to deliver; support decisions once made

Our Culture

PURPOSE – When we focus on our purpose profits will come naturally

HUMANNESS – We all matter, our diversity is our strength

GROWTH – We are enterprising, innovative and take risks to grow; for self and business

TRUST – Our customers, partners and colleagues trust us. We are accountable, vulnerable and authentic

Our leadership standard

External radar; customer/product obsessed; bold, fall fast & scale fast; insights-driven decision making; accountable, empower & coach.