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Cloud Back-up

 Let us help you keep your data safe and recoverable, with the Safaricom Cloud service.

Our cloud offering gives you an online remote backup of your files and databases.

Key Benefits of Cloud Back Up

  1. Back Up Service (ASIGRA) collects data from a data centre, remote offices, laptops, desktops, smart phone and tablets.
  2. Data is de-duplicated, compressed, and encrypted before being transmitted across the network to a cloud-based target site for data backup.
  3. Target systems can be located onsite, in a remote data center, or with a service provider.


Back Up Service (ASIGRA) Plans & Pricing

Back Up 20GB 20
Back Up 40GB 40
Back Up 50GB 50
Back Up 100GB 100
Back Up 200GB 200
Back Up 400GB 400
Back Up 500GB 500
Back Up 800GB 800
Back Up 1TB 1024
Back Up 2TB 2048
Back Up 3TB 3072
Back Up 5TB 5120
Back Up 10TB 10240
Back Up 15TB 15360
Back Up 20TB 20480