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Bulk Payments Service

The Bulk Payments service allows you and your organization to make payments to groups of people in real time at the click of a button.

Uses of the Bulk Payments Service

  1. Loan disbursement
  2. Insurance claims settlement
  3. Pay workers
  4. Promotional payments
  5. Payment of suppliers
  6. Disbursement of various project funds
  7. Dividend Payments

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Bulk Payments Benefits

Access Channels

Service is accessible via a Web Portal (Manual) or API (Automated) creating convenience where an organizations can make multiple payments to employees at the click of a button.

Payments Scheduling

Organizations can plan to make the payments at a scheduled date and time. Once approved, payments shall be released at the scheduled date.

Approvals Mechanism

Provision for Maker (Initiator) and Checker (Approver) capability where payments must be approved by separate user before they can be released.

Name & ID Validation

Validation of recipients before making payments reduces chances of making errors and sending to the wrong numbers.

Withdrawal Charges

Ability of an organization to automatically include withdrawal fees in the amount transferred.