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Safaricom Internet of Things

Our technology allows all systems, processes, machinery and ‘things’ to become truly interconnected and interoperable, delivering a clear overview of what’s happening in every part of your business ecosystem, without disrupting operations.

Our IoT solutions allow businesses to create a digital overview of their entire organisation, including both old and new technology, equipment and processes, and draw insight from the data their connected ‘things’ generate.

Please email: corporatesales@safaricom.co.ke to explore the solution that best fits your needs.

Connected Coolers

The Connected Cooler Offering allows for visualization of information relating to fridge performance and efficiency, device status, device interactions and safe operating temperatures; providing a digital audit trail to ensure compliance and manage faults or issues more effectively.

Download product information here

Smart Water

The Smart Water Meter offering simplifies water monitoring by retro-fitting on to existing water meters, extracting data from them and applying analytics to the data to extract additional value. This provides visibility on usage across locations, threshold management and advanced leak detection along with historical reporting on all these aspects.

Download product information here


Our Smart Vehicle Telematics device, through integration with the vehicles’ on-board computer, collects information on several parameters that are then accumulated and recorded at the end and start of the trip. This provides insights into Journey Duration, Vehicle Speed, Route Information, Fuel Consumption and Driver Behavior.

Download product information here