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Indoor LTE Troubleshooting Guide

1. LTE LED Lights Description

  • 1-Power Button – The power LED brinks white to indicate the device is powered. If the power button is offline check and ensure the device is correctly powered
  • 2-Network Status Indicator- This is the internet LED it displays green to indicate there is internet and if its red then it means there is now internet
  • 3-Wifi Indicator- when the white light is on it means the wifi signal is being broadcasted if its off the it means wifi is turned off
  • 4-Network Port Indicator- this port displays light when a device is connected on either of the LAN ports. If no device is connected physically then the light is off
  • 5-Signal Strength Indicator-These 5 LEDs display the strength of the 4G signal being received by the LTE kit. Best signal should lie between 4-5 lights. If one has 1-2 lights it means the signal strength is poor and might experience poor service. The more the lights the better the signal  


LTE Kit Setup


  • Once you get the new kit kindly disable pin through inserting the simcard on a phone and disabling the sim PIN.


    1. Attach the socket to the router.

    2. Make sure you use the correct SIM card.

  1.  Insert the SIM card gently into the SIM card slot in the direction shown in the figure below until it clicks

  • To remove the SIM card, gently press the SIM card in until it clicks. The card will automatically pop out.
  • Do not insert or remove a SIM card when the router is running, as this may affect performance or damage the SIM card

4.Connect the power adapter to the router.

             The indicators will turn on when the router has successfully connected to a network.

  • Network status indicator Cyan/blue: Connected to an LTE/3G network.
  • Signal strength indicator White: More signal bars indicate a stronger signal 

Changing Wifi Password

To change WiFi Name (SSID) and Password, log onto the web management console IP: Then go to Wi-Fi Settings tab. You can then change the name and/or password as per your preference. Click save after making your changes