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Fixed Data Services Basic Troubleshooting Checklist


Kindly follow below guide for first line checks when there is link downtime.

  1. Power status of both Radio adapter and router :> Always check and ensure the devices are powered ON
  2. Cable connectivity: Cables should be properly connected to correct ports


There are two types;

  1. Active Fibre: This is connection on Huawei router (AR series).It looks like below

  • When router is powered ON. PWR,SYS Lights should always be ON-green
  • GE4 should also be ON if everything is ok. If it is OFF, there is a connectivity problem. Kindly raise a support ticket.


  1. Passive fibre: This is a fibre connection using Huawei ONU device.

We have different Types of ONUs an example is below. POWER & LOS lights are common on most of them and this are the two that should always be checked.


  • The ONU should always be powered ON.-àthe POWER LED should always be ON-Green light
  • When LOS show a RED light, it is an indication that there is a connectivity problem. Contact support desk for further troubleshooting.




The WiMAX radio adapter looks like below

  • Ensure the power adapter is well connected to the power extension plug,
  • The Cable from ODU (Radio on rooftop) should be also properly connected to the port as indicated above.
  • The cable connecting to the router should also be connected well and to the correct port on the router.

When all of the above are checked and link is still down, kindly contact Business support


Radwin/Ceragon adapter looks like below; There are two types and shown


OR below



  • Ensure all cables are well connected to the correct ports as indicated above.
  • When adapter is powered, the LED light should be steady green

After checking and ensuring all of the above are OK and service is still down, kindly contact business support.



There are several types of LTE indoor unit, common properties are:

WAN or PoE port èthis is where the cable from the Outdoor unit connects (the unit mounted on the rooftop/balcony/outside)

LAN (1-4)èConnect your Ethernet cabled devices here

Power LEDè The light is always ON when the device status is ON

Wi-FièThe light is always ON when wi-fi on the router is enabled.

LTEèthe Bars indicate signal LTE strength



Step1: Always ensure that the Power LED is ON.

Step2: Always check that the uplink cable to the Outdoor unit is always connected to WAN or the PoE port.

Step3: Check that there are lights on the LTE signal bars, on some other LTE kits, a red light will be ON if there is no signal.

If there are no bars/there is Red light on LTE, contact support for further troubleshooting.