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Business Bundles

Contract Bundles

These bundles offer convenient connectivity and allow you to specify usage limits. Once these limits are reached, data is automatically disconnected and thus help in cost control.

Key Benefits of Contract Bundles

  1. Affordable bundles on PostPay payment plan
  2. Offers flexible and convenient connectivity
  3. Help you to keep track of your spend by allowing you to set a credit limit, which alerts and disconnects data when the limit is reached, thus helping you not to exceed your set spend


PostPay Data Bundles

These are data bundles that allow you the convenience of monthly billing with the additional benefit of competitive rates.

Key Benefits of PostPay Data Bundles

  1. Hassle free as resources are automatically loaded every month
  2. Helps to control spend through agreed upon credit limits and users receive notifications when these limits are reached

PrePay Data Bundles

These data bundles allow you to use data on a pay as you go basis. They are flexible and tailored to suit every need. They are categorized as follows;

  1. Daily Data Bundles
  2. Weekly Data Bundles
  3. Monthly Data Bundles
  4. 90 Day Bundles

Key Benefits of PrePay Data Bundles

  1. Convenient pay as you go plan that helps you keep track of your spend
  2. Flexible bundles to suit every need
  3. Competitively priced to ensure value for money