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SurePay Service

This service allows restricted use of funds on M-PESA. Your organisation will be able to restrict use of funds on M-PESA to specified beneficiaries, ensure money in M-PESA can only be cashed out in specific areas and cash sent to beneficiaries will be used for intended purpose.

Uses of SurePay

  1. Donor and NGOs to manage funds for various programs e.g. health, food security programs, etc.
  2. Insurance Companies: Enable health facilities get immediate payment for services rendered
  3. Agriculture: financing or cash allocation locked to purchases from specific providers of inputs
  4. Vouchers for specific services e.g. gift vouchers, taxi vouchers, fuel vouchers etc.

Key Benefits of SurePay

  1. Restricts use of funds on M-PESA ensuring control
  2. Proper reporting for funds allocated and their uses
  3. Secure cash disbursement
  4. Cash allocation can be locked for a specific financial period
  5. Faster and more efficient bulk disbursement.