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Bulk Disbursement

The Bulk Disbursements service allows you and your organization to make payments to groups of people in real time at the click of a button.

Uses of the Bulk Disbursements Service

  1. Loan disbursement
  2. Withdrawal of money from bank accounts
  3. Insurance: Claims settlement
  4. Salaries disbursement
  5. Promotional payments
  6. Payment of supplies, petty cash, daily wages
  7. Disbursement of various project funds,
  8. Dividend Payments

Bulk Payment Application Forms and Terms & Conditions

Bulk Payment(B2C) Requirements

Bulk Disbursement Benefits


Easy to use and stress free way to make payments.

Schedule payments in advance

Plan ahead of time and avoid last minute rush that can be costly


Only authorised individuals have access to the account

Save on costs

Enjoy affordable rates reducing your transaction costs

Save on Time

Easily execute one transaction to multiple recipients