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Safaricom Internet

Safaricom internet is a fast & reliable internet connection delivered via wireless technology or Fibre to your business premises.

Why Safaricom Internet?

  1. Value for Money
  2. Dedicated & Burstable capacity
  3. 24/7 support

Safaricom WAN Multiprotocol Label Switching

Safaricom MPLS is a service that enables your business to quickly and securely transmit data between multiple business premises independent of the internet. It enables the sharing of resources that are centrally hosted e.g. software and databases. An example of MPLS at work is where a bank HQ, its branches and ATMs are all able to access and modify consumer bank accounts.


Safaricom WAN (MPLS) Benefits

Secure transmission

All information transmitted is encrypted hence ensuring its security

Reliable connectivity

Our MPLS core network is generally designed and built to overcome individual hardware (router) faults or line disconnections

Easy and cost effective expansion

MPLS makes it easy for instantaneous addition and deletion of sites because each branch only needs one MPLS link

24/7 support

Safaricom offers you undivided and personalised attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have on-ground support staff on call for quick and easy support. Just call 0722 002222 or email businesssupport@safaricom.co.ke