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Managed Services

Managed Wide Area Network (MWAN)

Managed Wide Area Network is a service that delivers managed connectivity services with inbuilt redundancy to all your organisation’s sites.

Safaricom owns the technology to ensure delivery of high Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to your business in a scalable Operating Expenses (Opex) model.

Managed Wide Area Network (MWAN) Benefits

Link redundancy

Get your information across easy and effectively


Management of network infrastructure

Expert advice

Network expertise and consultation

Resilient WAN network

Constant reliable service for your business

Managed Wireless Service (WI-FI)

This service allows management of electronic devices that exchange Data wirelessly over a computer network.

Safaricom installs, operates and supports the Wi-Fi access network in your premises.

Managed Wireless Service (WI-FI) Benefits

Access control

Guest access control

Quality of service

Unparalleled service of the highest quality

Content filtering

Moderation of content on the site


Protected with secure firewall