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Safaricom and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In February 2020, Safafricom PLC and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a strategic partnership in East Africa. As both the world’s most successful mobile money transfer and payments service provider and the first AWS Advance Consulting Partner in East Africa.

In partnership with AWS, we are facilitating our region’s ability to grow successful businesses through leveraging the depth and breadth of AWS Cloud Services which provide easy access to emerging technologies such as Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our AWS Skills Base

We continue to deepen our experience on AWS by investing in building a pool of certified AWS resources to serve our customers.

>130 AWS Accredited Staff

>35 certified professionals


We enable your AWS adoption by providing you access to their +175 services. Safaricom has built competencies in the following areas:

Migration to AWS

Migration to AWS includes moving any workload from an on-premise environment, hosting facility or other public cloud. Moving to the cloud present several advantages for any business. Some of the benefits that come with a shift to the cloud are as follows:

  • Cost effectiveness: This is primarily because with the cloud you get to pay only for resources you have used as opposed to buying resources upfront for future use.
  • Agility: Working on the cloud allows you to scale easily and fast as the resources are available for you at a click of a button when a scale up or down is required.
  • Reliability: AWS sheer number of servers and networks allows you to create redundancy configurations so that should one physical component fail you are able to recover from other resources.

Storage & Disaster Recovery on AWS

We offer a complete range of AWS cloud storage and disaster recovery to support compliance requirements.

Benefits of these services are;

The variety of storage services available on AWS will give you the desired results whether it be storage for regular retrial or archiving of data. Safaricom will support you to set up and maintain your workload on all storage services. We will work with  you to optimize your solutions so that you get the best from the cloud.


Security forms a critical component of cloud computing. We have build competencies in this area to support any level of build on AWS.


Why Safaricom?

  1. Strong Digital competencies:

Safaricom is a leading infrastructure provider in East and Central Africa and this provides a good backbone upon which we can built your cloud offering. Other than infrastructure we have evolved to build solutions that are digital in nature in areas such as IOT, Dev Op, and Big Data. These competencies are available to support you in solving your statement problems using cloud computing.

  1. Talent Pool:

Safaricom has an array of certified engineers who are seasoned within the cloud space. They will support you make the correct decisions in building your architecture and support you to implement and optimize your environment.

For more information on how Safaricom can support you build your solutions, please send an email to Corporatesales@Safaricom.co.ke